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Robin Thomas <robin3509@...>


I have a few questions about my great uncle Morris Siegel:

1) On his death certificate, his father's name is written as Schlerma.
My grandmother's (his sister) father is known as either Shlomo or
Solomon. Has anyone seen Schlerma or similar used for Shlomo?

2) His 1911 ship manifest has his last residence as Brody, Austria.
His wife and daughter arrive in 1914 and their manifest states
they're >from what looks like Brodulski, Brodulnki or Broduliki.
Would any of those names have been used for Brody?

3) Morris' ship manifest states he was born in Topow. My
grandmother (his sister) was born in Toporow. Was Toporow
sometimes abbreviated as Topow?

I'm guessing the answer is Yes for all of the above, but wanted
to get confirmation.

Thank you,
Robin Thomas

(researching GOLD/DRUCKER >from Burshtyn, SIEGEL >from
Toporow, SCHWARTZ >from Ungvar, BUND >from Lemberg)

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