Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Searching for MOLDLAUER, GOLDSCHEIN and TERNER #galicia

Shelley Mitchell

Friends -

I have three birth recordings re-posted on ViewMate. I believe the
language is Polish. I'm trying to get the family tree >from them but
the first translator couldn't even get the names. The names seem to
be Sussel(?) MOLDAUER, Beila GOLDSCHEIN (her mother's name) aka
MOLDAUER (her father's name), and Feige TERNER. I would love to
know who the fathers of their children are and any other family names.
All help gratefully appreciated. (what's her name) (what's her name)

Thank you so much for any help.
Shelley Mitchell, Brooklyn, New York

Mostly >from Kolomea, Buczacz, and Monastrzyska: TERNER,
SCHONFELD. One of the MOLDAUERS may have married a SCHWARTZ.

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