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Ann Rabinowitz

Today, Eli Brauner posted info on the Galicia Digest about the
1914-1918 Prisoners of the First World War, Archives of the
International Committee of the Red Cross, I think it is important too for those
of us who are researching individuals >from many other countries than
are covered by the Galicia Digest to be aware of this database.

The nationalities covered in the database are American (USA),
Austro-Hungarian, British and Commonwealth, Bulgarian, French or
Belgian, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian,
Serbian and Turkish.

The following is just one example of what is available in the database:
"List #120 of Austrian or Hungarian Prisoners of War, Civilians,
Appendix C": Serial #, Surname, Christian Name, Age or Date of Birth,
Rank, Military Particulars, Home Address, etc., and Birth Place, Place of
Internment, Place and Date of Capture, etc.

My grandmother's cousin Jacob Oxenberg >from Drohobycz, Ukraine,
lived in Manchester, England. Due to his alien status during World War
I, he was interned in several places in England. This is reflected as
follows in the database:

Serial #19081 A (5); Jacob (or Jack) Oxenberg; born June 10 (no year);
Schneiderpresser (occupation); Adddress: Mrs. Berta Oxenberg, 3
Johnson Street, Manchester, England; born Drohobycz; Interned at KCK
32705 (31/7); List 75 (Appendix C).

His actual card in the database stated that he was interned at Knockaloe,
Peel, Isle of Man, July 31, 1918; then on Douglas, Isle of Man, August 31,
1918; sent to a place whose name was not legible on October 30, 1918
and finally released on November 9, 1918.

Unfortunately, my grandfather, Lewis Fink, who was also interned during
World War I with his wife's cousin, was missing >from this database. He
has eluded me yet again as his internment paperwork kept by the Home
Office went missing and his military records in the Austro-Hungarian
Army prior to World War I have yet to surface.

Ann Rabinowitz

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