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Russ Maurer

I have an image of a Tarnow 1891 civil record of marriage of my
relative. The description of the groom, in its entirety, reads as follows
(in Polish, minus diacriticals): "Jakob Mahrer rodem w Jodlowy, kupiec
zboza, zamieszkaly w Tarnowie pod L. 90 Zawale syn Hersza Mahrera
wlasciciela grunta i Rachli Mahrera w Jodlowy" (Jakob Mahrer born in
Jodlowa, a grain merchant, residing in Tarnow [at 90 Zawalo?], son of
Hersz Mahrer, a land holder in Jodlowa, and [his wife] Rachla). My
question: is this entry evidence that Hersz was alive in 1891, or would
the record have been written the same way even if Hersz were already
dead? Jakob was 46 at the time of this record so Hersz would have
been in his 60s at least and thus nearing the end of his life, but we
have no documentation of his death. Please respond privately unless
you have some general insight that would be of interest to others.

Russ Maurer
Pepper Pike, OH
Researching MAHRER and BLAU in Jodlowa, Tarnow, and Biecz Poland,
and REISNER, STEIGER, and STARK in Chyrow, Dobromil, and Nanczulka
Mala Ukraine as well as Ustrzyki Dolne and Rzeszow, Poland

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