Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Kulikow (Zolkiew Kreis, Galicia) 1854 Cadastral Map online! #galicia

Pamela Weisberger

A most interesting 1854 map for Kulikow (Kulykiv, Kulikov) in the
"Zolkiewer Kreis" (Zolkiew Circle) had been uploaded to the Gesher
Galicia Cadastral Map Room:

The map shows a well-developed town center with market square, a
minor square with a possible synagogue, three churches and two large
Catholic cemeteries, a Jewish cemetery, a large reservoir, and some
unusually long and narrow farm parcels. Buildings and land parcels are
each clearly numbered; redline revisions to building and parcel outlines
indicate changes in town after the 1854 survey.

If you have researched or visited this town and know, for certain, the
location of the former Jewish synagogue, please let me know privately
and we will add that information to the map description.

If you want to learn more about Galician districts, and the history of how
they evolved over time, check out the timeline created by Alex Feller
from the Rohatyn Shtetl Research Group here:

The map room home page is here:

Pamela Weisberger
Gesher Galicia

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