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Pamela Weisberger

I've just posted a 1943 photograph of staff and students of the Jewish
Gymnasium in Lwow located at 17 Zygmuntoska St. (today ul Gogola)
on Facebook here:

If you can identify any of the people in the photograph, or have more
information about this school and/or the time frame of the photo
that would be historically or genealogically helpful, please reply on
the list, or to me privately if you prefer.

What we know:

At this location there was an elementary school (grades 1-6), a high
school (grades 7-10) and a Liceum (grades 11-12).

The first all-male school was opened in 1918 with director, Salomon
Igel, >from the well known family of Jewish bookstore owners. Igel was
born in Zloczow in 1889 and was a psychologist and prominent
educator active in the Leopolis Society B'nai Brith. In 1928, this
school became the cause for major demonstrations in Lwow, after the
antics of the youngsters who threw plaster debris and bread peels
onto the participants in the Corpus Christi procession.

Another private all-male gymnasium of the Jewish Association for
Public and Middle Schools in the humanistic style was also founded at
17 Zygmuntowska Street, >from the parallel classes of the classical
high school. The directors were Michal Brandsatter, Dr. M.
Bienenstock, Henry Lilien, and Dr. Salomon Igel.

The publication "Dzieje najnowsze" published in Lodz in 2007,
reported that the "Endeks" (members of the Polish ND-National
Democratic Party) destroyed two synagogues, the office of the Jewish
daily paper "Chwila", office of the Yiddish publishing company "Der
Morgen," and this Jewish high school at 17 Zygmuntowska Street at
some point during WWII.

This photograph was donated to Gesher Galicia by Nahum Sagi in
Israel. His father, Israel Shrager, attended the school.

Research assistance on identifying the photograph and history of the
school was provided by Julian Bussgang.

On Google Books, firsthand accounts of this school can be found in
these publications:

Against all odds: Facing Holocaust : my personal recollections
Tel Aviv University Press, 2005 - by Arnon Rubin
Both he and his sister he attended the Jewish secondary school on
Zygmuntowska Street.

Voices of Winnipeg Holocaust Survivors
The Jewish Foundation of Manitoba 2010

Pamela Weisberger
President, Gesher Gesher Galicia

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