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Mark London <mrl@...>

Hi - Has anybody found a birth record for someone, under the surname
of the maternal grandmother's maiden name? Not simply the mother's
maiden name. I realize that this happens a lot. But I couldn't find anything
about my question, in this group's discussion archive.

The ViewMate request that I recently posted (see below), is a 1897 birth
record in Lviv, that was added at the back of the book, during the 1930s.
The mother's name there, is listed as Jente Dwore FRIEDMANN. No other
surname is listed. The child is listed simply with their first name, Chaim.
Someone told me that Polish writing, states that the child was illegitimate.

A woman that is on my family tree, is named Debora Jente. Her maiden
name was ZIPPER, and her mother's maiden name was FRIEDMAN. She had
5 children listed under her husband's name, starting in 1900. If Chaim
was her child, he would have been her first born. The combination of
first names of Jente and Devorah is fairly unique in the Lviv records. Thus,
someone has suggested to me that Chaim was also her son. But why
would he have been listed under his grandmother's maiden name? Could
it be due to the fact that he might have really been illegitimate? And
why would it have been added later?

Thanks for any input.

Mark London

On 9/9/2015, Mark London wrote:

I've posted a birth record in Polish (>from Lviv) is for which I need a
translation. It is on ViewMate at the following address ...

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