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Mark London <mrl@...>

The plot thickens. Abraham's wife and 3 more children arrived on Nov.
11, 1902. had them listed under the name of Milek rather
than Milch. They all have European names, so who knows what they were
called in America (Nethe, Lejsche, Lieb and Fronte). I can't find any of
them yet. They couldn't all have disappeared! Any help would be
appreciated. - Mark

On 9/18/2015 7:02 AM, Mark London wrote:

Hi - My wife have relatives that disappeared once they arrived in

In 1900, Abraham Milch and his son Chaim arrived, born in 1857 and
1883. The town they list where they came form, is Hruszow.

In 1902, Moris Milch arrived, and specified his contact person as his
father Abraham Milch, living in 16 Minden St, Roxbury Massachusetts.

I cannot find any records for these people in the Boston city
directories, or any censuses.

I know that there were a lot of people with the name Milch that lived
in NYC and elsewhere, that came >from Podhajce. But I can't connect
any of them to the ones that came >from Hruszow.

Vital records >from both cities are sparse and unhelpful.

What I really need is a vital record that shows the name of Abraham's
wife's maiden name. His immigration record shows him to be a
brother-in-law of my wife's great grandfather. But I have no idea if
he was married to a sister of my wife's great grandfather, or a sister
of her great grandmother.

There is a NYC Supreme Court naturalization record for a "Moris or
(Maris) Milch". Even if this is the Moris that I'm looking for, it
wouldn't contain his mother's maiden name. I can't find a marriage
record for him under the name of Milch, or for his brother Chaim.

Any help in finding these people, would be most appreciated! Thanks.

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