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Phyllis Kramer

Mark London posted:

<<My wife have relatives that disappeared once they arrived in America.
In 1900, Abraham Milch and his son Chaim arrived, born in 1857 and
1883. The town they list where they came from, is Hruszow. In 1902,
Moris Milch arrived, and specified his contact person as his father
Abraham Milch, living in 16 Minden St, Roxbury Massachusetts....
Abraham's wife and 3 more children arrived on Nov. 11, 1902.>>

First Mark, you might want to study the manifest itself, as the
indexer did not do a good job. There were more clues on the manifest.

Second, oftentimes "losing" a family occurs because folks chose a more
"American sounding" surname.

So here's what I did...

I looked at the manifest you mentioned and saw they came >from Galicia...
so when I queried the census on Ancestry I asked for a Louis (oftentimes a
dapted >from the Hebrew Leib) born c. 1891, in Austria, living in

There were quite a few, but only one census had other given names that
might have been adapted >from the original names...

In the 1910 census I found...

Abram Miller 45 Austria e.1896
Annie Miller 42 Austria 6 children/5 living
Louis Miller 18 Austria (matches Lieb's age on manifest)
Fannie Miller 10, e. 1903 (matches Freide's age on manifest)
on Mayflower Street in Plymouth Mass.

Any chance this might be the family you are searching for?

Phyllis Kramer
VP, Education,

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