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Bette Stoop Mas <bette_sscf@...>

Mark London wrote:

< My wife has relatives that disappeared once they arrived in America.
In 1900, Abraham Milch and his son Chaim arrived, born in 1857 and
1883. The town they list where they came from, is Hruszow. In 1902,
Moris Milch arrived, and specified his contact person as his father
Abraham Milch, living in 16 Minden St, Roxbury Massachusetts. I
cannot find any records for these people in the Boston city directories,
or any censuses. >

< Vital records >from both cities are sparse and unhelpful. What I really
need is a vital record that shows Abraham's wife's maiden name. His
immigration record shows him to be a brother-in-law of my wife's
great grandfather. But I have no idea if he was married to a sister of
my wife's great grandfather, or to a sister of her great grandmother. >

< The plot thickens. Abraham's wife and 3 more children arrived on
Nov. 11, 1902. had them listed under the name of Milek
rather than Milch. They all have European names, so who knows what
they were called in America (Nethe, Lejsche, Lieb and Fronte). >

Per Gesher Galicia Town Locator and JewishGen Gazetteer, Hruszow in
Drohobycz district is located at 4928/2336 and is 9.2 miles NNE of
Drohobycz. Hruszow in Jaworow district and Wielkie Oczy Jewish
district is located at 5005/2319 and is 10.8 miles NNW of Jaworow.
Neither Hruszow had a significant Jewish community.

After an extensive search in Ancestry with no luck tracing any of this
family either, I tried searching JRI-Poland for surnames phonetically
like MILCH and MILEH. < >

BINGO! JRI-Poland has indexed three birth records in Wielkie Oczy PSA
located in Fond 1729 of Przemysl Archive with no link to online images.

- Moses MILCH/ADLER born 1883 (akta 60 sygnatura 2) was born to
Abraham Joel MILCH and Neche ADLER of Hruszow.

- Freide Rechel MILCH/ADLER born 1900 (akta 33 sygnatura 1) was
born to Abraham MILCH and Neche ADLER of Hruszow.

- Chajm Ber MILEH/ADLER was born 1882 (akta 26 sygnatura 2) to
Abraham Moses MILEH and Neche ADLER of Hruszow.

Special Search Results message for indices to records >from towns in the
Przemysl branch of the Polish State Archives, including Wielkie Oczy
< >

Wielkie Oczy Surnames 1876-1902
< >

JRI-Poland's index clarifies that the family is >from Hruszow in Jaworow
administrative district and provides the maiden name of Abraham's
wife. Based on Galician Jewish families using both parents' surnames
(official and unofficial), perhaps the family changed their name to
ADLER in the USA. The double given names in the index provide
additional clues.

Good luck!
Bette Stoop Mas

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