Boris Berko WOLSKI and Moise TCHERNIAKOWSKY #france

Lemberski Evelyne

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am looking for the date of birth and death for Boris Berko WOLSKI born in 1896 in Brest LITOWSK who is one of the founders of the school colony and founder of the friendly Brest Litowsk. He departed Casablanca on board the liner Guin to join the United States on 30/07/1941 and arrived at the port of New York on 15/08/1941.

According to a ministerial decree of 03/11/1942 his travel agency license was withdrawn to Boris WOLSKI. His travel agency was called "the tourist" and was located at 9 boulevard Saint Martin in Paris.

I am looking for the date of death of Moise TCHERNIAKOWSKY born 30 October 1879 in Brest Litowsk. I also would like to know where this man is buried.

Thanking you for your help,

Saint Maurice

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