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Rose Katz wrote: "Does anyone know anything about what happened to the
Jews during World War 2 in this small Galician town? My father was born
there and lost all his family without any information. The city of Wielkie Oczy
is near Kobylnica Ruska and they also used to go to Lwow (Lemberg at the
time of the Austrian occupation)."

Per JewishGen Gazetteer, Kobylnica Ruska is located 3.0 miles W of Wielkie
Oczy, Poland. Wielkie Oczy was in Jaworow, Galicia, Austria before WWI
and in Jaworow, Lwow, Poland between the Wars and is located 39.6 miles
WNW of Lwow.

JewishGen KehilaLinks page for Wielkie Oczy
< >

Extermination of Jews >from Wielkie Oczy - Chronicle of Crime
< >

Detailed Chronicle taken >from memoir of Polish woman eye witness to the
events includes Jewish families >from Kobylnica.
"Summer-Autumn 1941 - Expulsion of Jewish families >from surrounding
villages -- including >from Kobylnica, among others -- to Wielkie Oczy."

Bette Stoop Mas

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