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Tony Kahane <tkahane@...>

Gesher Galicia is pleased to announce the addition of several sets of
vital records, as well as other record types, on the All Galicia
Database - a database that is free and available to all. See:

a) Stryj (Stryy). Deaths 1864-1876. Central State Historical Archives
of Ukraine, Lviv (TsDIAL), Fond 701/01/316. (1,852 records)
Gesher Galicia is continuing to work on the Stryj records held in the
Lviv archive, including earlier death records >from 1847-1863, as well
as on a range of other town records in the Lviv archive.

b) Janow (Grodek A.D.). Marriage index book 1877-1939 (grooms only).
Przemysl State Archive, Fond 154. (596 records)
This Janow is the one that was known as Janow Lwowski, which, in
the 1930s, was in Grodek Administrative District. It is now in Ukraine
and known as Ivano-Frankove, in Yavorivskyi raion, Lviv oblast. [There
are also two other towns in the eastern part of Galicia, now both in
Ukraine, that were formerly known as Janow.]

c) Trembowla (Terebovlya), Death index book 1914-1924. Przemysl
State Archive, Fond 154. (302 records)

d) Pomorzany (Pomoryany). Przemysl State Archive, Fond 2249.
- Sygn. 1-11, Birth index books 1929-1939 (217 records);
- Sygn. 12-17, Marriage index books 1934-1939 [Sygn. 14, for the
year 1939, is empty] (26 records, each with groom and bride);
- Sygn. 18-28, Death index books 1929-1939 [Sygn. 19, for the year
1939, is empty] (138 records)

e) Lesko (Lisko), Deaths 1940-1941, Przemysl State Archive, Fond 149.
(49 records)

f) Jodlowa (1926) and Chyrow (1928, 1939). Donors to Kollel Galicia in
Jerusalem. (218 records). We are grateful to Russ Maurer for his
donation of these records.

g) Rozwadow. Sample list of Jewish ghetto residents, 1941. Rzeszow
State Archive, Fond 1399. (25 records)

Tony Kahane
Chair & Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia

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