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Henryk Gruder <henrygruder@...>

The mystery of "Family Numbers" remains unsolved.

My ancestor Joseph GRUDER (ca. 1795 - 1846) is showed in the Family
Evidence, for the tax purposes as sharing / inheriting ? Family Number 1942
with Mund family, however Joseph has assigned number 505. Since 505
was a number of another (older) branch of the GRUDER family, I assumed
he was a son of the family. Number 1942 included (I assume) a whole family
of Joseph, including his wife Rachel LICHTENHEIM and their children.

In another document, recording marriages in Lvov, Joseph Gruder, who
married Rachel LICHTENHEIM in Lvov, 1809 has a number 5818. This way
Joseph has three different family numbers! 505, 1942, and 5818.

Can anybody make sense of it? Untangling this knot is important, since it
can shed light on relations between different persons.

Any help is welcomed,

Henryk Gruder

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