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Sally Vetstein <svetter@...>

I am trying to solve a mystery about a Great Uncle Named Mejer Schram
also known as Mejer Neumarkt. He was born in Zabno, Poland and lived
in Tarnow also.

He was listed as a butcher for his trade but was a peddler selling goods
off a wagon. He lived in Hamburg and Altona Germany off and on since
1907. He was born May 5, 1880 according to various resident documents
in Germany and a marriage bann to 2nd wife Curtel.

We can't find any information past 1925 when he returned to Poland from
Hamburg Germany. He had 3 wives: Esther Zelt, Curtel Brandt (Fischel)
and Minka Lewniowska as well as several children. One child, Nathan Zelt,
perished in the Holocaust in Auschwitz and his last wife Minka and son
Hermann perished in Chelmo killing center.

Recently I found a burial listing in Argentina for a Meyer Schram but the
inscription says he was 89 at his death in 1960. That appears to make him
older than my Uncle who was born in 1880. The cemetery association has
no other information on this person. There is an additional burial for
Ruchla Leitman Schram buried in 1958 in the same cemetary ( Tablada). I
can't find any information about her either.

from documents related to his son Nathan Zelt, he states his father was
alive in 1929 and probably living off and on in Germany. I don't know if
there are any records >from Poland as it has been hard to contact the
archives recently with my emails coming back... perhaps their server is on

I have tried many web sites for Argentina and it's a frustrating experience
with broken links for supposed genealogy and research sites. Does
anyone have any contacts in Argentina that could help with research and
fluent in English and Spanish? If I solve this mystery, then my family story
will be complete on that end. Help!

Sally Vetstein

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