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Mark Halpern

Thank you Moderator for pointing out other previous posting on this
subject including my posting.

I will be giving a talk on

Researching Your Galitzianer Family: Working with Vital Records

at the IAJGS Conference in Seattle next Monday, August 8, at 4:30 pm.
This marriage / birth issue will be covered extensively as it is one of the
keys to understanding those records. Even if you are not attending the
Conference, you can see my talk by subscribing to "IAJGS LIVE! Jewish
Genealogy Unplugged: Live Streaming & On Demand Access." See for details.

You do not want to miss this. As they say, this is Yuge! I plan to attend.

See you live in Seattle or LIVE! >from Seattle.

Mark Halpern

Linda Schildkraut <> wrote:

... Were Jewish weddings considered illegal, illegitimate, unrecognized?
Were Jews prohibited >from registering these ceremonies? Were Jews
prohibited >from the civil ceremonies that would have legitimized their
unions and their children? Was this legitimization finally permitted?...

- Many past messages on this list have dealt with the issue of civil
marriages in Galicia. To read them, search the JewishGen SIG
for some of these terms: civil marriage - mother's maiden name -
registered - illegitimate. For example, Mark Halpern wrote in October
2003: "More likely than not, if a civil marriage was registered, it was
after the birth of some of the children. Why? Because the Austrian
government regulated and taxed civil marriages. Our ancestors
therefore ignored the regulations and married in a religious ceremony,
which was not then recognized by the Government. All subsequent
births were then considered illegitimate by the State. When parents or
children had a legal reason to legitimize the marriage or birth, then you
find a civil marriage registered and the birth record amended to show
that the birth was legitimized. The reasons were many but emigration
and inheritance were two of the reasons."

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