Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia The film Denial - Did the Holocaust Occur #galicia

Tony Hausner

This is a one time posting to make sure everyone knows about this most
important film.

See for more information
and the trailer. Trailer can be seen at

"The whole world knows that the Holocaust occurred. Now she needs to
prove it."

This film officially opens in NYC and LA on 9/30. In 10 other cities on
10/7 and more cities on 10/14. The schedule is at the Bleeker Street site

Given that Holocaust denial is such a major part of history, I felt it
important that everyone know. I apologize if others have already posted.

I have scheduled a preview in Bethesda, MD on 10/6 and have sold out
one theater of 240 persons. We are looking into whether we will set up
arrangements for another theater.

I have lots more info about the film, relevant literature, interviews, film
reviews etc. if interested.

Tony Hausner
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