Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Jewish community buildings in 1850 Baranow Sandomierski #galicia

Russ Maurer

Recently, Jay Osborn posted about publication of the 1850 cadastral
map of Baranow Sandomierski on the Gesher Galicia website, and also
mentioned that specific properties could be located by
cross-referencing the contemporaneous property records that I indexed.
In fact, it is only by reference to the property records that the Jewish
community buildings can be identified, since they not marked in any
special way on this particular map. As it happens, the Jewish community
buildings are clustered just north of the main town square. As numbered
on the map, building 296 is the synagogue. Nearby are the mikveh/ritual
bath (293), Jewish hospital (294), and Jewish School (295). Not
surprisingly, most of the nearby private properties had Jewish owners:
291 - Moijses TOPPER; 292 - Joachim KATZ; 289 - Juda BIRNBAUM;
287 - Chiel SEIDEN; 288 - Jakob HERSCH; 24 - Abraham NADEL;
297 - Moijses SCHNALL. Jewish-owned properties were located in other
areas of the town as well. All of the above speaks to the vibrant Jewish
life that must have existed in this village.

Russ Maurer
Pepper Pike, OH

researching ALL SURNAMES in Jodlowa (Poland); MAHRER/MAURER in
Jodlowa, Biecz, Tarnow, Frysztak (all Poland); REISNER in Chyrow,
Dobromil, and Nanczulka Mala (all Ukraine); RIEGER in Gorlice (Poland);
IMYAK and KUGIELSKI in the Lomza area (Poland); TVERETZKY /
DVORETZKY in Vidzy (Belarus) as well as Daugavpils and Griva (Latvia)

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