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Alexander Sharon

Eli Brauner wrote:

<<I'm looking for colleagues who are interested in Szczerzec, Ukraine.
Just recently I have discovered that my Schrenzel ancestors came to
Lemberg >from Szczerzec. I was told that someone took care on
Szczerzec cemetery. Do you know who carried out the project?>>



First of all, I'd like to point out that there were two towns, both within
the Lwow Province, known by name Szczerzec.

The less known Szczerzec has retained its original name which has been
transliterated by USBGN system as Shcherets, Ukraine at 5007 2334,
near modern Polish border. Town was also known as Szczerzec ad (near)
Nemirow in Rawa Ruska district.

This place had general population of 1,303 folks, including ten Jewish
souls (1896 census). Village landowner was Polish aristocrat Konrad
Stefan Krusenstern, who also owned local alcohol distillery and quarry.

Following WWI, village had 1,237 residents, including 30 Jews (1921


Alexander Sharon,
JGFF editor

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