Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Re: Records of the town Korolovka #galicia

Mark Halpern

Unfortunately, the Jewish vital records for Korolowka have not survived.

I suggest you search the All Galicia Database, which contains some
landowner and other miscellaneous list for Korolowka.

Also search the JRI-Poland database for Town = Korolowka. This will give
you a long list of entries >from other towns where the town name of
Korolowka is referenced as a place of birth, a place of residence, or a
place where ancestors lived.

And lastly, JRI-Poland has indexed and placed online the School records
(secular) for Korolowka which covers children born >from 1894 through the
1930s. You will have to search the database by surname and
town=Korolowka to access these entries.

Here's hoping you find something of interest.

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland AGAD Archive Coordinator
Gesher Galicia Advisory Board

David Nesher Adler <> wrote:

<<... I am looking for death registration of Judah Kahn, died apparently
in town Korolovka between the two world wars. How do I find out where
recorded and stored records of Korolovka at all and in particular in
those years?...>>

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