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On November 15, the Polish State Archives in Rzeszow, under its
director, Dr Jan Basta, inaugurated its new premises. The new archive
is at present the largest of all the state archive buildings in Poland,
though that will change when the project for a modern archive building
in Krakow is completed.

The State Archive in Rzeszow was established in 1950. At the time, it
occupied two small rooms in the attic of the City Hall. The Small
Synagogue in Boznica Street in Rzeszow, which had been destroyed
during the Second World War, was rebuilt in the late 1950s and from
1961 onwards served as the premises for the archive. In 1989, a
Department for the Study of Jewish History was created within the

The archive contains fonds of Jewish vital records >from nine main
centers or districts. The largest such fond is >from Rzeszow itself, with
records >from 1842 to 1945. Other sets of vital records are from
Blazowa, Debica and region (including Debica, Jaslo, Jodlowa, Krosno,
Mielec, Pilzno, Ropczyce, and Sedzisow), Dobromil, Lezajsk, Niebylec,
Sokolow Malopolski, Strzyzow, and Wielopole Skrzynskie.

There are also Jewish community records >from Czudec, Rzeszow,
Rozwadow and Tyczyn.

The new archive building is some three kilometers east of the city
center, at Warnenczyka 57. For further information on the Rzeszow
State Archive and a picture of the new building, please see:

Tony Kahane
Chair & Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia

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