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Alexander Sharon

Steven Schutzman wrote:

<<"Satischitz" was the town of birth written on a 1909 New York
passenger arrival list for a relative [APFELBAUM] born about 1860 who,
according to both the 1891 and the 1901 England Census, was born in
Galicia, Austria. It was transcribed by Ancestry as "Satischitz", and that
does look to be a fair interpretation. But I have been unable to locate a
town in either the Gesher Galicia Town Locator or the JewishGen
Gazetteer. For what it's worth, the man's father may have died in
Germakowka (Borszczow District). Do you see other possible
transcriptions? Do you "hear" names of possible Galician towns that the
recorder might have actually heard which resulted in the making of this
written entry?>>



Place is not listed amongst Galicia towns but in the neighbor Ukrainian
Volhynia Province. Original Polish name of this village was Zajeczyce,
with alternative names Zayachitsy, Zayachytsi, Zaychitsy, Zayenchitse at
5042 2443.

Place was rather small - 1921 census lists place in Horochow district,
Chorow parish with 445 residents, mostly Ukrainian including 14 Jewish
souls. The nearest (about 3 miles distance) large Jewish community was
Lokacze (71% Jewish). Jews were employed in grain mills of the
landowner Antoni Mijakowski.

Data for village located under Chorow in 1929 Poland Business Directory
at .

Hope this helps,

Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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