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דוד נ.א.


I want to share a significant roadblock in my research about the
Gottlieb family. It is that the result of all my searching up to now
is -- zero. Nothing. Nothing like this happened to me with the other
families I have researched. Perhaps some of you have ideas not
thought of.

I am looking for information about parents of Hinda-Basha SINGER
nee GOTTLIEB, born about 1890.

Father: Isaiah. Born sometime before 1872 and died around 1910.
Was a rabbi in Zlotniki (Ternopol, Galicia). Probably also lived in
Stretin (Rohatyn, Galicia). Died either in Stretin or Bukachevtsy
(Rohatyn, Galicia). The funeral was for sure in Bukachevtsy.

Mother: Esther Malka (nee LANGNER - not sure). Born sometime before
1875 and died sometime after 1905. Her eldest son was born in 1905 in
Bukachevtsy and was killed there in 1942.

This is what I know.

Beginning of the end -- I got (for a donation of $100 to JRI) records
of Bukachevtsy. There is a marriage of 1900-1908. I could not find
there the wedding of Hinda-Basha. I found her children's birth records.
They don't say the names of Hinda-Basha's parents' names or any
information about them, but they say that Hinda-Basha was >from

I looked for the birth of Hinda-Basha in Stretin. JRI is missing most
births between 1881-1898.

I looked for the birth / marriage / death certificates or other records of
family members in Zlotniki. Mark Halperin says that all the documents
of Zlotniki did not survive.

I looked for the birth or marriage of Esther Malka LANGNER on JRI and
in the All Galicia Database. I found nothing. I can not search for a
specific archive because I have no idea about the town and the year.

I looked for the death of Esther Malka LANGNER. She may have died
less than 100 years ago, so the record may be in the USC in Warsaw, in
a book of any town (maybe Bukachevtsy?). In any case, they will not
search without a specific Year of Death.

I looked on JRI and in the AGD for the birth or marriage of Isaiah
GOTTLIEB. I found nothing. Again, I can not search for a specific archive
because I have no idea about the town and the year.

I looked for the death of Isaiah GOTTLIEB in the USC office in Warsaw
(between 1909-1911). They searched the books of Rohatyn (including
Stretin), Burstein and Bukachevtsy. It's strange, but they did not find

I looked for general information in Rohatyn's memory book, on JRI and
on Gesher Galicia -- anything useful.

I found in Ternopol the birth in 1898 of Hinde Bassie, daughter of
Benzion GOTTLIEB and Tille SASS. I thought she might be a cousin of
"our" Hinda-Basha, but she was probably named for Tille's mother, not
for someone on the GOTTLIEB side.

I found in Trembowla the birth of another possible cousin: Basia
Hynda, born 1898 to Benjamin BASEN and Szeindel, daughter of Josia
and Basi GOTTLIEB.

It is rumored that Esther Malka was related to the famous LANGNER
family -- rebbes >from Stretin. I checked their family tree to find a
possible relationship -- nothing.

I hope not burdened amount of information. I did not want to bother
proposals already checked.

Before I give up, I try to ask for your help. Does anyone have an idea?

Thank you in advance for any reference.

David Nesher

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