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Alexander Sharon

Doris Schapira wrote:

<<I have a further question on the ViewMate entry >from yesterday:
which Jonathan Michael Wien so kindly translated for me. The town
name of the parents of Hersch Schorr, Jozef and Judes Schorr, is
listed on the Polish Records index for this entry as Mazarowka.
Jonathan Wien also translated it the same way, but I cannot find any
information on such a town on Gesher Galicia or on JewishGen. Does
anyone know another name for this town?>>


It appears to be village Mazuruvka, Ukraine at 4909 2559. The place
is located 2.3 miles west >from Myszkovtse (Polish: Myszkowcy),
where Hersh Schorr passed away.

Please note that Mazuruvka is located 5.4 miles >from Suchostaw,
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Alexander Sharon
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