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Alexander Sharon

Daniela Torsh wrote:

Can anyone tell me whether my Czech born aunty Olga THORSCH would have
acquired Polish citizenship upon her marriage in 1917 at the Temple in
Krakow to a Polish Jew Maks BRANDMANN?

Born in Uhersky Brod in the Czech republic Olga would have been an Austrian
citizen I assume.

Krakow was then part of Galicia in Austria but did Jews have Polish or
Austrian citizenship at that time?

Her husband born Pinchas BRANDMANN was born in Tarnow on 8 November
1876. Would he have automatically been Polish or Austrian or Russian? His
parents were Efraim born in Mielec and Malke born in Tarnow.



In 1917 the independent Poland and Czechia did not exist.

Those countries have been established in 1918, following the end of WWI and
the disintegration of the Austro-Hungarian empire.

Since Uhersky Brod, Tarnow and Mielec were all part of Austro-Hungary, Olga
and Pinchas were also subject of this Empire.


Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

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