JASSELMAN and VISSOTSKY in Paris #france

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I am helping a friend with his family history, and while I'm really
good at Ashkenazi research here in the US, I am having problems with
France research. My friend's great grandfather was Mardoche JASELMAN
born in 1859 (in Pinsk I think) and he died in Paris in 1949.

Mardoche JASELMAN married a Sarah VISSOTSKY who was born in 1868 and
died in 1936. We know no details about her except that Ann Rabinowitz
suggested that she might be part of the large WISSOTSKY family from
Russia that fled to Paris during the Russian Revolution. I would love
to be able to figure that out since we know nothing. Mardoche and
Sarah had a son named Judel JASSELMAN born in 1896-1953. He married a
Pauline GLASS born in 1907-1979. We are really trying to learn where
they all came from, how they survived the war while living in Paris
and if there is other family out there. I don't know how to navigate
the French archives online, especially since I don't speak French.

Do they exist on Ancestry or any other site?

Regards and thank you for your thoughts.
Rishy Savin

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