Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Seeking Information About Sarah ZINKER and Possible Siblings #galicia

Joyce Eastman

I recently received information >from a contact that my paternal
grandmother (Sime Bruche HELFER - also known as Sime Bruche
ZINKER/ZINKOWER and Bertha WILDER) may have had a sister named
Sarah ZINKER who was married to Samuel Gruber in Manchester,
England, and I am trying to find out more information about these two
individuals and their family, as well as any more information that might
be available about her siblings. The parents of both Sime Bruche
HELFER (b. 1880) and Sarah ZINKER (b. abt. 1873) were Judith
HELFER and Aron ZINKOWER/ZINKER - all >from Brody, Poland (now

I should note that my grandmother emigrated >from Brody, Poland with
her husband (Salomon Wolf WILDER) and children to Vienna, Austria
in 1914. >from there she was deported and killed by the Nazis in 1942.
I previously posted a family picture on JewishGen's Viewmate, without
any results.

I have been researching this family for quite some time, and until now
have not been able to find any possible information regarding my
paternal grandmother's siblings. My ultimate goal is to locate any living
relatives of my paternal grandmother.

If anyone has more information regarding Sarah ZINKER or other
possible siblings of my grandmother, please contact me privately.

Joyce Eastman
Orange City, FL USA

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