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Gesher Galicia is pleased to announce the addition of new sets of
Jewish records on the All Galicia Database - a database that is free
and available to all. See:

Bolechow (Bolekhiv)
- Jewish deaths 1811-1846, 1860-1876. Central State Historical
Archives of Ukraine in Lviv (TsDIAL), Fond 701/1/6 and 9. (3,771

Jezierna (Ozerna)
- Jewish births 1886-1893, 1898-1922. Central State Historical
Archives of Ukraine in Lviv (TsDIAL), Fond 701/1/251 and 252. (1,507
This completes all the Jewish vital records for Jezierna held in
Ukrainian state archives.

Tarnopol (Ternopil)
- Jewish community census (index book) 1880. AGAD, Warsaw, Fond
300, Sygn. 1728. (7,471 records).
Many pages of this book are damaged and the first two or three pages
are missing completely. Possibly around 85% of the records in the
original book are visible and decipherable. This important document
complements the index book of the 1890 Jewish Tarnopol census and
the full 1910 census - both of which have been transcribed by Gesher
Galicia and are searchable on the All Galicia Database.

Gesher Galicia wishes to thank Michal Majewski and Eddy Mitelsbach
for their work on these records.

Zborow (Zboriv)
- Jewish births 1838-1864. Central State Historical Archives of
Ukraine in Lviv (TsDIAL), Fond 701/1/69. (851 records)
This is a significant update to a set of indexes that had been
uploaded earlier to the database and previously announced. Gesher
Galicia wishes to thank Ann Harris for her help on these and other
Zborow records.

Przemyslany (Peremyshliany)
- Jewish tax payers, 1936. State Archive of Ternopil Oblast (DATO).
Fond 231/1/3009. (240 records).
The spreadsheet for this record set, indexed about four years ago, had
gone astray. Gesher Galicia wishes to thank Joan Adler for her work on
it at the time, and for recently sending the spreadsheet again, having
realized that the original spreadsheet had not been uploaded to the

The following transcriptions of index books held in the Przemysl state
archive, Fond 154, which had been earlier uploaded and announced,
have been updated:
- Sanok, Jewish births (index book), 1864-1939 (3,734 records);
- Sanok, Jewish marriages (index book) (grooms only), 1916-1939 (705 records);
- Sanok, Jewish deaths (index book), 1914-1939 (1,814 records).

Vital records coming to the All Galicia Database soon:
- Budzanow (Budaniv) - B, D 1825-1866; D 1825-1866; M 1881-1908, 1910-1939;
- Tarnopol (Ternopil) - M 1859-1876;
- Stanislawow (Ivano-Frankivsk) - M 1932, 1933.

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Tony Kahane
Chair & Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia

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