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Several years ago, Gesher Galicia acquired copies of a large set of
Jewish taxpayer records >from the 1930s, relating to towns in the
Tarnopol region. The original records are held in the State Archive of
Ternopil Oblast (DATO), in Fond 231/1/3008 and 3009. It recently
emerged that in 2013, a number of these town lists were indexed on a
voluntary basis for Gesher Galicia. Only three of the town
spreadsheets though, appear on the All Galicia Database (AGD) - those
for Czortkow, Kamionka Strumilowa, and Zalozce. Other lists >from this
batch were fairly certainly indexed at the time, but for some reason
their spreadsheets of indexes have gone astray.

A few weeks ago, a Gesher Galicia member came across a spreadsheet
that had been indexed in 2013, but which had not been uploaded to the
AGD, and kindly passed it on to us. These indexes, for Przemyslany
Jewish taxpayers >from 1936, have now been added to our online
database, as announced a couple of days ago. Another taxpayer
spreadsheet, for Zborow, has also since materialized and will soon be
added to the database.

If any reader knows of other spreadsheets >from the Tarnopol-region
batch of Jewish taxpayer lists >from the 1930s, beyond the towns
already mentioned, that were completed for Gesher Galicia, we would be
most grateful to learn of them. Other towns in this large batch of
typewritten records (many of them with carbon-copy duplicates)
include: Borszczow, Brzezany, Grzymalow, Mielnica, Podhajce, Skala,
Tluste, Trembowla, Zbaraz, and Zloczow - as well as Tarnopol itself
(for which there are 1,050 people listed).

Please send any information to <info@...>. Please do NOT
reply to this email.

Tony Kahane
Chair & Research Coordinator, Gesher Galicia

Send all inquiries to info@...

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