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Suzan Wynne <srwynne@...>

While there were many personal reasons for late registration of a birth,
distance and inertia were likely the most common reasons.

The administrative district arrangement was designed to be roughly
accessible to everyone and they tended to be the market towns where
the market drew people in >from surrounding villages and dorfs. But,
keep in mind that part of Galicia is in the foothills of the Carpathian
mountains. Road conditions and the mountains had to have been a
barrier for some lightly motivated fathers.

In 1986, I traveled >from an ancestral village to the town where
registration would have taken place. The mountain road was paved by
then but, still, it was very narrow and steep. Terrifying, actually.
Because of how long the drive took, I imagined that the distance
between the communities was 30 miles and was shocked to learn that
it was 7. If I had to travel that road in a wagon when it was unpaved, it
might have taken the better part of a day.

I rather think that people living in rural areas must have had quite a
few challenges in getting to town. And, if the father didn't care all that
much about complying with registration rules, oh, well. Compliance
became important when it came time for the child to enroll in school,
obtain travel documents, have a civil marriage, obtain a business
license or some other official permission.

My experience with researching the records is that late registration is
relatively rare as compared to those registrations that were on time.
Changes in registration information was much more common,
particularly as civil marriage became more the norm than the
exception in the 1900-1942 period.

Suzan Wynne
author, The Galitzianers: The Jews of Galicia, 1772-1918.


Eli Brauner <elib8@...> wrote:

<<The phenomena of late birth registration in Galicia and elsewhere
is well known. The reasons for late registration are various most of
them connected with taxes and military service. Yet I wonder why
bother and register at all the newcomers? Is there an article that
deals with this procedure?>>

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