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Alexander Sharon


While reviewing Zywiec and vicinity known as Zywiec Administrative
District (AD) data, to my great surprise I realized that Jews were not
listed as residents of Zywiec at all in the 1900 Austro-Hungarian census,
and only 2 (two !) Jewish people were registered in the first independent
Poland census of 1921.

On top of it, only two localities within the Zywiec AD -- Rajcza and Sucha
(Beskidzka) -- were recognized as Jewish towns, and listed in the JGFF
towns database. But the Where Once We Walked gazetteer and
JewishGen info on Zywiec claims 624 Jewish residents.

In 1626 Polish Queen Constance banned Jews >from settling in her town
Zywiec. This process was known as "Privilegium de non tolerandis
Judaeis" (Privilege of not accepting Jews). This "Privilege," used >from
the 16th till the end of 18th centuries in some European royal towns,
mostly in the Poland - Lithuania Commonwealth and Austria lands,
forbid Jews to reside in such towns or own there any real estates. It also
didn't allow Jews entry to such towns with exceptions of dedicated
dates, usually related to a market day or a fair.

For this reason the Austro-Hungarian 1900 census lists **zero** Jewish
residents in Zywiec and the independent Poland first interwar census of
1921 lists in Zywiec only 2! (two) Jewish residents.

Following attempts by Christian townspeople to expel Jews >from trade
and services, was the establishment of Jewish townships known in Latin
as Oppidum Judaeorum. Such were Jewish townships as Kazimierz near
Krakow, Przytyk near Radom, Rozprza near Piotrkow and similar places
near Sambor, Drohobycz, Sniatyn, Jaworow, Rzeszow and Jaroslaw.

And such near Zywiec was the township of the not poetic name Zablocie.
Zablocie translates literally >from Polish as "the other side of the swamp."
There were several places in Poland and in Ukraine and Belarus by such
names. Thus it was the Jewish township Zablocie near Zywiec that had
624 Jewish residents in 1921, not Zywiec town proper.

Independent Jewish community Zywiec - Zablocie was established in
1864. Milowka also became as independent kehila in 1891.

Some listed localities were incorporated as suburbs of Zywiec, but this
is only took place in 1950, since lack of data in archives under Zywiec.

Below is Jewish demographic data for Zywiec Administrative District.

Census for Year 1900 , three Judicial Districts (JD) also known as

I Judicial District (JD) Milowka total 569 Jewish residents including:
Milowka 174
Rajcza 163
Ujsoly 29

II JD Saybusch total 838 Jewish residents, including:
Zablocie 390
Sporysz 99
Jelesnia 106
Isep 75

III JD Slemien, total 371 Jewish residents, including folwark (manor):
Sucha (Beskidzka) 184
Slemien 24
Manor 27

Total Zywiec (Saybusch) Jewish residents in acc. with Galicia 1900
census -- 1,778


First Polish National Census Year 1921

Administrative District (AD) Zywiec
Sucha Beskidzka replaced Slemien but Milowka and Sucha Beskidzka
remain major Jewish centres:

I JD Milowka 474 Jews
II JD Sucha Beskidzka 369 Jews
III JD Zywiec 1,061 Jews including 2 Jewish souls registered in town

Total Jewish population in acc. with 1921 census -- 1, 904


Since only the kehilat Zablocie was responsible for all up keeping Jewish
vital records of all Zywiec district, probably all records of all other
Jewish communities listed in my email are stored under File # 1297/0
Israelite Community Zablocie in The National Archives of Krakow.


Archiwum Narodowe w Krakowie
30-960 Krakow, ul. Sienna 16
tel: (12) 422-40-94
fax: (12) 421-35-44
email: sekretariat@...

1297/0 Akta stanu cywilnego Gminy Wyznaniowej Izraelickiej w

The following records are available without restrictions:

Marriages: 1877-1892, 1894-1904, 1907-1909, 1912
Births: 1900-1902, 1907-1916
Death: 1877-1890, 1897, 1899-1905, 1907-1914

Since only Rajcza and Sucha Beskidzka are presently recognized and
listed in the JewishGen Gazeteer, please let me know, what of your
locality we should add to JGFF towns data.

Hope this help,

Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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