Searching for Simon Rosenpik #france


Hi guys,

I have been working for years on the largest rescue of Jews >from a
train to Auschwitz. This story happenned on September 11, 1942 in my
hometown of Lille (Nord, France). 23 members of the SNCF decided to
hide and evacuate 39 people I identified as being rescued that day.
Eventually 513 Jews >from Northern France were sent to Auschwitz via
Malines (Belgium). 18 survived....

According to Serge Klarsfeld - famous French lawyer and hidden child
himself - this event is the largest in a French train station. For the
USHMM in Washington D.C. it is one if not the largest evacuation of a
train to Auschwitz in Europe.

I am still looking for rescued people - I found one in Long Island, NY
last Sunday. She is 91 years old but still remembers the man who saved
her life - and I have a couple of names of potentially rescued.

One of them is called Simon Rosepik. He was 8 when he was arrested on
September 11, 1942 (must have been born in 1933 or 1934). His mom and
sister stayed on the train and were both murdered in Auschwitz. His
father was arrested in 1943 and eventually died in Auschwitz too.

I have been told that he moved to the US but cannot find him. Any tips
or help would be great.

Thank you very much,

if you wanna know a bit more, I was interviewed after I organized a
ceremony with the city of Lille by the Times of Israel back in 2016 :

Talk soon,

Gregory Celerse
Lille, France

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