Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Announcing 2018 Summer Hours at the Polish State Archives #galicia

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The IAJGS 2018 Warsaw Conference Committee is pleased to announce that
we now have an official answer regarding the summer hours at the Polish
State Archives (PSA). The General Director of the PSA system has advised
JRI-Poland that unlike past years, all branches will remain open throughout
the summer months. It is possible that at any given time, a particular branch
will have reduced staff due to planned vacations, but they will remain open
for walk-in visitors.

In addition to the PSA, there are civil records offices (Urzad Stanu
Cywilnego) in thousands of town halls around Poland. These offices are
independent of the Polish State Archives and therefore access to their
records - almost always those less than 100 years old for births - varies
from town to town.
The level of service - at either Polish State Archives branches or Civil
Records Offices - depends upon many factors. Same day service should not
be expected as the norm when placing a request for documents even
outside of summer months.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because the leading experts and archivists >from the
Polish and other Eastern European archives have been invited to participate
in our conference, the 2018 IAJGS Warsaw Conference committee
recommends visits to archives and towns before and after the conference
but not during it. The conference lectures will be at least as valuable to your
personal research as spontaneously showing up in person at an archive or
town hall office and may save you time and energy.

Taube Tours is preparing a schedule of guided trips which may also provide
access to archives around Poland. Stay tuned.

Dan Oren
IAJGS 2018 Communications Director

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