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Marla Raucher Osborn <marla.r.osborn@...>

Do you have family roots in Galician Dolyna in the Ivano-Frankivsk
Oblast of western Ukraine?

A prewar young woman's autograph book has come into my
possession >from Ksenya Kiebuzinski of the University of Toronto. The
book contains the names of girls who attended the 7-grade St.
Stanislaus Kostka girls' school in Dolyna, and the dedications are
directed to a young girl by the name of Beila (variations: Beile, Bela,
Balusja). Many if not most of the girls' surnames are Jewish, and
include Regina Neumanowna, Chana Nussenbaumowna, Getruda
Guttmann, Elzbieta Lowenborger, R. Bergerowna, Maja
Stachowiczowna, Chana Lustig, Scheindel Hoffmanowna,
G. Fleckmann, Michalina Szafranska, Jadwiga Haszecka, Ch.
Spiegelowna, Blina Reinhaczowna, Maja Wejmanowna, J. Rybak,
Estera Gellenowna, Edita Antonowiczowna, to name a few.

Languages are in Polish, German, and even English, with some
wonderfully artistic drawings. The book has been scanned (thanks to
Ksenya) and is in .pdf format, which I am willing to share to anyone
willing to index the information and collaborate with Gesher Galicia,
JRI Poland, or Jewishgen (for example) for posting online and making
available to others.

The original book is to be donated to Rabbi Moyshe Kolesnik of
Ivano-Frankivsk on our next visit.

Warm regards, and thanks,
Marla Raucher Osborn
Project Lead, Rohatyn Jewish Heritage
Lviv, Ukraine

Researching surnames:
HORN, FRUCHTER, LIEBLING >from Rohatyn (Galicia, today Ukraine);
KURZROCK >from Kozova (Galicia, today Ukraine); TEICHMAN >from
Chodorow (Galicia, today Ukraine); SILBER, BAUMANN, and SCHARF
from Ulanow and Sokolow Malopolska (Galicia, Poland); RAUCHER /
RAUSCHER and KESTENBAUM >from Przemysl (Galicia, Poland)

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