Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Re: pre-1938 Rymanow Jewish records #galicia

Jan M. Gronski <jmgronski@...>

For what is worth. I extracted metrical data >from Konskie dated
1810-1825. These were mixed records (both Jewish and non-Jewish).
The registrar was either the priest or a person working for the priest.
My impression is that the records that you mention come >from the
period where all records were kept together irrespective of the

Not an answer to your main question, but perhaps it helps a bit.

Jan M. Gronski

Raphael Thurm <littletalmid@...> wrote:

I have recently found in my possession two Jewish records (birth and
marriage) >from Rymanow registered in 1807 and 1824. A cousin of mine
ordered these records >from the USC in Rymanow in 1992. I am rather
confused, as I have previously believed that the only surviving BMD
Jewish records at the USC office only date >from 1938-1941 (according
to Miriam Weiner's Routes to Roots). So how can there be other Jewish
records >from Rymanow >from that far back? I'm reaching out to my
cousin about this, and I have a hunch that perhaps some Jewish
records were mixed in with the non-Jewish records....

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