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The first sets of indexes >from Gesher Galicia's Vital Records Project
of 2018 have been uploaded to the All Galicia Database
<>. They are:

Tarnopol (Ternopil). Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in
Lviv (TsDIAL), Fond 701/1/326.
This single register contains the oldest surviving Jewish vital records
from Tarnopol. These were begun immediately after Tarnopol and the
area around it were transferred back to the Austrian Empire, having
been part of the Russian Empire for over six years. The records are:
- Jewish births 1816-1820 (854 records).
- Jewish marriages 1816-1820 (18 records).
- Jewish deaths 1816-1820 (623 records).

Bochnia. Przemysl State Archive. Fond 154, Sygn. Bochnia-04.
- Jewish deaths (index book) 1936-1940 (217 records).

Gologory (Holohory). Przemysl State Archive. Fond 154, Sygn.
Gologory-01, 02, 03.
- Jewish births (index book) 1924-1942 (239 records).
- Jewish marriages (index book) 1924-1939 (118 records).
- Jewish deaths (index book) 1924-1942 (212 records).

Coming soon in the Vital Records project:
- Lwow-Zniesienie: B (index) 1852-1857, 1870, 1914-1939
- Tarnopol: B 1852-1865
- Stanislawow: M 1789-1871
- Mikulince: D 1887-1890, 1893-1894, 1896-1899, 1929

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