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Dear Galicia Researchers,

In June 1895 on the board of the ship Veendam >from Rotterdam arrived to
NY Ellis Island David Litwak, 43 years old, born in Russian / Ukrainian shtetl.

With him was 21 years old Hersh Litwak, probably his nephew, and my
maternal grandfather. Hersh was born in 1874 in a town of Talnoye, son of
Mordka and Sosha Litwak. With them there was also 19 years old Chaje
Litwak (perhaps sister of Hersh).

All I know that Hersh returned to Galicia (now Ukraine), since ten years
later his eldest son (and my uncle) was born in Letychiv, then my Mother
(in Zagrobela, near Tarnopol), and in 1910 my younger uncle in Dyczkow
(near Tarnopol).

Whether the other two persons returned with him and what happened to
them I have no clue. I did not find anything in the naturalization records
(but only few were available). If they returned to Russia should any record
exist? Like the boat Manifest, but **from** USA?

I have spent many years in vain searching for them. I would appreciate any

Many thanks in advance,
Henry Gruder

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