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Alexander Sharon

Steve Jaron wrote:

... My great-grandmother's brother was a dentist in Stanislawow.
Where would he probably have gone to school?
Two Galicia based Universities: Jagiellonian University in Krakow and
Jan Kazimierz University in Lwow have been educating future dental
specialists through their medical schools.

In addition, Warsaw based Government Institute of Dentistry, later
re-named as Stomatology Academy trained mostly Polish dentists. Not
all Jewish students have been accepted to study dentistry and
stomatology in Poland since during interwar period Jews were subject
to "numerus clausus" racist restrictions. Hence many Jewish students
were studying abroad.

BTW, on Logan's Genealogy Indexer

There are several Polish interwar medical, incl. dentist databases. I
believe their respective Alma Maters are also listed.

For example:

Poland 1931 Medical Book (Polish Physicians, Dentist and Pharmacists)

Hope this helps.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

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