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Alexander Sharon

Len Oppenheim wrote:

My paternal grandmother, Esther Heller Oppenheim, was born and raised in
Sokolow Malopolski. Whereas she and several siblings emigrated to the
USA in the early 1900s, other members of her family remained there.

More than 1,300 Jews lived there in 1921 comprising more than 1/3 of the
town's population.

Today is Yom haShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. There seems to be no
Yizkor book for Sokolow Malopolski, and the few records that I have been
able to find concerning what happened to the Jewish population there
during the Holocaust years are sparse.

Does anyone know of any sort of Yizkor book or other published or
written materials such as diaries, letters, or other sources of
information that memorialize events in Sokolow Malopolski during the

An article in today's NY Times notes that there are only about 400,000
Holocaust survivors still living. Does anyone know of any living
survivors >from Sokolow Malopolski who may still be able to provide
information about the holocaust in that town? For current and future
researchers whose ancestors had connections with Sokolow Malopolski, any
tidbit of information may be very helpful.

Actually, there is a version of Yizkor Book for Sokolow Malopolski
which is included in the Yad vaShem publication "Pinkas haKehilot"
(Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities, vol. IV, part 3, Poland,
Western Galicia and Silesia, Jerushalaim 1984).

Refer to the contents of this particular volume donated by Ada
Holtzman z"l. Sokolow Malopolski appears on the list on pp. 276-278.

Sokolow Malopolski is not listed in the JewishGen Yizkor Books
summary since the entry >from the Yad vaShem publication was not
translated >from Hebrew, or if it was translated, it was not donated for
publication to JewishGen.

Please note that there are 133 entries for Sokolow Malopolski in the
JewishGen Family Finder database submitted by 54 Sokolow M.

You probably can produce your own town's Yizkor Book by translating
the entry >from the Hebrew Yad vaShem publication and combining it
with other available data for Sokolow M. >from Warsaw's "Polin" -
Jewish Museum

and by extracting Jewish surnames >from the 1929 Poland Business


Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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