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Alexander Sharon

Jeffrey Craig Wint wrote:

I am new to this listserv, have been lurking and can't match the extent
to which many have gone into details.

As a newbie was looking for links to Leskovate, Gal. Austria (Poland).


The Polish name of this small village is Liskowate. To pinpoint the
location, go to the JewishGen Gazetteer at, and enter
Liskowate, Poland. You will see that place is located at 4931 2237 at
Poland's SE corner, directly on the Ukrainian border.

The earliest information about the village says that in the year 1880
the place had 1,088 Ukrainian residents; no data on Jewish residents
with the exception of the information that a homestead had 5

During the 1900 Austrian census, 1,399 residents of Liskowate were
registered, amongst them 61 Jewish souls. In addition, as already
listed previously, 4 Jewish residents were identified as part of a

In 1921, during the first post-WWI Poland independent census,
Liskowate's total residency number was 1,541 folks, including 67 Jews.

You can review names of Liskowate business people registered during
the 1921 census:

There appear to be listed such Jewish names as GROSSINGER,

Currently, the village population is very small; the latest census
quotes 210 residents.

Hope this helps,

Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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