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Thomas F. Weiss

Dear fellow family historians,

I have been working on an extensive family history, which is now
available as a PDF on the website of the US Holocaust Memorial
Museum (USHMM). Its current length is 627.9 MB, so it takes a while
to download. It took me 1 minute and 14 seconds to download to my
computer. If you are interested in reading it, here is the URL

The Table of Contents shows those chapters that are in various
states of incompletion and not yet available (NA) on the web site.

Briefly, the material covered are: my parents' origins in Prague and
Vienna, our escape >from Europe after 20 months as refugees
primarily in France, my assimilation and education in America, my
research in the last couple of decades that has reconnected me to
my family roots in Bohemia and Galicia, and my discovery of the
tragic losses of family in the Holocaust.

I welcome any comments, critiques, errata, etc.

Tom Weiss
Needham, MA 02492

FRENKEL (Buchach, Vienna); BUCHHALTER (Skalat); ENGEL (Vienna);
FISCHER (Hriskov, Schlan, Prague); FRAENKEL, FRUCHTER
(Rozhnyatov, Vienna); KATZ (Schlan); KLEPETAR (Jistebnice);
MEISELS (Nadworna, Vienna); OLLOP (Vienna); ORLIK (Pohor,
Jistebnice, Benesov, Tabor); QUADRATSTEIN (Vienna, Saarbrucken);
VODICKA (Dobronitz, Jistebnice, Benesov, Tabor)

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