Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Viewmate: Concerning the RUSS family of Boryslav - translations in Polish & German #galicia

David Scriven

This is an abbreviated repost of my query to JewishGen of Friday 26th
September to which I received no replies, so I'm trying again in this
more focused forum.

My great-grandfather Dawid RUSS lived in Boryslav - the 1926 marriage
records show he had a brother:

Extracts >from David & Jakob's records (in Polish) at

The parents appear to be Elo/Ela (I'm not sure which) and Chaji Russ.
Dawid's son-in-law's autobiography calls Dawid's father Eli (trans. >from

There is an 1894 marriage record of a woman I suspect is their sister:

Extract >from Cipre Pessel records (in German) at
where the parents are Elias Russ and Chaje Pressburger.

So could Ela/Elo be Eli or Elias? I think so, my cousin does not, which is
why I'm asking the group. There is other evidence -- birth dates
clustered together, Dawid and Jakob as witnesses on the birth records
of Cipre Pessel's children -- that suggest they were related.

David Scriven,
Vancouver, B.C.

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