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Phyllis Kramer

Jacob Baal-Schem asked:

<<Are there any documents on Jewish soldiers serving in the Franz Yosef
army at the beginning of the 20th century? I would be very interested
as I know that my father served there.>>

Shalom Jacob... Short answer: Yes there are documents, but they are not
easy to find online.

Military service began in 1789 but not many Jews served until the 20th
century. The source for military records in Austria is the military
department of the Austrian State Archives (Oesterreichisches
Staatsarchiv/Kriegsarchiv) in Vienna -- -- but there are
very few records pertaining to non-commissioned personnel and the
name alone is usually not sufficient to start the search. Year of birth and
place of origin are important and best is the location (regiment).

Now the good news... There are some records available...
The Austrian State Archive/Military Archive at has lists of those who served
in the Austrian army. A difficult site to navigate but you can try
emailing surname and information to .

LDS film #1186632 can be used to find the Austrian units for your area.

GenTeam is indexing the WWI casualty list (1914-1919); eventually there
will be over 3 million indexes; try

and the JDC also has Prisoner of War records at

There's more -- with lots of details -- and I would advise you to read
the June issue of the newsletter >from Gesher Galicia. There is a
wonderful article on WWI military records by Tony Kahane.

Hope this helps.

PS: We will cover military records in more detail in the Galician
Research II class, targeted for early next year. See

Phyllis Kramer, VP Education,

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