Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia Lwow Ghetto records and Karpathen Oel slave laborers #galicia

David Scriven

I have come across a few records where people appear both in the 'Lwow
Ghetto' database and in the 'Forced Laborers in Boryslaw and Drohobycz'
database. The Lwow Ghetto records are all sparse, just including the
person's name, previous home address and nothing else.

Did these slave laborers ever live in the Lwow Ghetto? >from what I have
read the 'Karpathen Oel' slave laborers were recruited locally and kept in
camps near the sites of the refineries - many were executed in the woods
surrounding the area and others were sent to Belzec. I'm also aware that
Karpathen Oel had administrative offices in Lwow, and that the Lwow
Ghetto records were compiled >from many sources in the area.

So - is it possible that those listed on both databases never actually went
to the Lwow Ghetto?

David Scriven
Vancouver BC.

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