Gesher Galicia SIG #Galicia RE: Jewish soldiers serving in Franz Yosef's army -- Additional Information #galicia

Madeleine Isenberg

To all,

On October 7, 2018, I responded to Jacob Baal-Schem's question about
the Jewish soldiers serving in Franz Yosef's army. I suggested the book
by Erwin A. SCHMIDL, "Jews in the Habsburg Armed Forces," that covers

Since that posting several people have contacted me asking about where
they can find this book to purchase it, and at one point there were some
copies available >from Amazon. Those seem to have been bought out. Other
possible copies are available (see in a range of prices that
may be beyond some people's means.

What is probably most important to those interested in the book, is who
might be referenced within this slim volume. I have undertaken to
transcribe the list of names that appear in the "Register/Index." Since I
created only one KehilaLinks website within the "domain" of Gesher
Galicia, for Nowy Targ, if you scroll down to this page, , you
will find a reference to the aforementioned book and if you click on the
Register/Index, you can call up the PDF of the transcribed list.

Be forewarned that the list includes personages who were once world
leaders and obviously not Jewish.


Madeleine Isenberg
Beverly Hills, CA

SINGER in various parts of Galicia, Poland, such as: Nowy Targ,
Wachsmund, Lopuszna, Ochotnica, possibly Krakow, who migrated into
Kezmarok or nearby Straszky/Nagy-Eor/Nehre, both now in Slovakia.
GOLDSTEIN in Abaujszina (Sena), Szkaros, Szikso, and Kosice, Slovakia;
Tolcsva, Hungary; Possibly Timosoara, Romania

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