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Jessica Skippon <jskippon@...>

Madeleine, your work has been very helpful, thank you. I've spent a
day with the book at the British Library. Just wish it had more
information on his research sources.

Apart >from the fact that they remind me of every time I ask is that
they've had another war which made a very big hole in their archives I
have not been able to find the compulsory military registration papers
for men >from Galicia.

The Kriegsarchiv (Vienna) says that at the end of WWI all papers
pertaining to Galician soldiers had to be sent to Poland. The Polish
National Archives in Warsaw knew nothing about this. The military
archive in Krakow Castle seems new, and I have put the question to
them of where the papers, including active service, might be. My
ancestors fought in the Habsbourg Army; one, an officer, was wounded.

Does anyone else have experience with this question?

I am going back to Vienna in December to work on my elusive Catholic
Viennese anti-Semitic grandfather. Whatever was the matchmaker
thinking? But if anyone want me to research something Viennese for
them in the military archives, I am happy to do this.

Jessica Skippon
Researching: BORGER, BIRN, SCHANZER, JACHZEL in Andrychau,
Wadowice and Bielsko Bialy


Madeleine Isenberg <@Mad4Gen> wrote,
describing Dr. Erwin Schmidl's book, "Jews in the Habsburg Armed
Forces, 1788-1918."

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