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The Civil Registration Office (USC) in Warsaw has recently transferred
a supplementary batch of Galician Jewish vital record registers to
AGAD. These books would normally have been part of the transfer
that took place early in 2018, but were withheld because of their poor
condition until USC had cleaned and repaired them.

As with the earlier batch transferred in 2018, this one consists of
birth registers with records >from 1917, or for several years up to 1917,
and marriage and death books for 1937 or for years up to 1937.

The 18 eastern Galician towns represented in the new batch, with the
type of vital record, are:
Boryslaw (M, D), Buczacz (M), Bukaczowce (D), Drohobycz (B, D),
Jaryczow Nowy (B), Jaworow (M), Kolomyja (M), Lwow (M),
Lwow-Zniesienie (B, M, D), Mikulince (B), Nawaria (B), Skole (D),
Sokal (B, M, D), Tartakow (D), Strzeliska Nowe (D), Turka (M), Winniki
(B), and Zolkiew (M, D).

These books will be scanned at AGAD early in 2019 and will then be
available, in digital form, for inspection.

USC is expected to make its regular annual transfer to AGAD of vital
record books again in January, including birth records up to 1918 and
marriage and death records up to 1938.

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