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Gesher Galicia has uploaded Holocaust-period records >from three towns
in the Rzeszow area to the All Galicia Database
<>. Two further sets of Holocaust
records >from Nowy Sacz are being finalized and will be uploaded in the
next ten days. The records already uploaded are >from the following

Rzeszow (>from Rzeszow state archive)
- Jewish registration and ID cards 1919-1942, of Jews living in
Rzeszow during the Nazi occupation of the town.
The majority of these documents are registration cards or other notes,
many with photos, dated on or within a few days of July 10, 1942, in
the same week as the first mass deportations to Belzec, of some 14,000
Jews >from the Rzeszow ghetto, took place. Several of those whose ID
cards date >from July 1942 are of women who had married in the previous
few days. These marriages were likely undertaken in the hope, tragically
false as it turned out, of avoiding deportation.

- Jewish marriage certificates 1939-1942. [These records were already
announced earlier.]

Czudec (>from Rzeszow state archive)
- Lists of Jewish residents, 1940-1942.
There was no ghetto in Czudec, whose earlier Jewish population had
been relatively small. Under the occupation, Jews were brought into
the town >from the neighboring area. We have combined the information
from six files into a single spreadsheet. Several of these deal with forced
labor, as people were sent to work in municipal or private enterprises, in
Czudec and in nearby towns, mainly Strzyzow. There are also records of
the distribution of food rations and of heating oil.

- A small set of birth and death records >from Czudec, 1939-1942.

Mielec (>from Rzeszow state archive)
- List of Jewish residents, August 1940 (2,320 records). As with
Czudec, there was no ghetto in Mielec.

Holocaust records to come:
- Nowy Sacz punishment books (Nowy Sacz state archive)
Two books of punishments of the population of the town >from 1940-1942,
from which likely Jewish names have been extracted. The offenses (often
utterly trivial) are recorded, along with the fines imposed or prison

- Nowy Sacz forced labor lists (Nowy Sacz state archive). These are
lists of Jews in Nowy Sacz obliged to report for work in the complex
of "municipal workshops," located on Lwowska street in the ghetto.

These Holocaust projects have been coordinated by Gesher Galicia Board
member Michal Majewski, who did much work on them himself. Gesher
Galicia thanks Michal, and all the others who have worked on acquiring
and inspecting the records, indexing them, and uploading them to the
database, including:
- Klaus Duenser, Piotr Gumola, Katarzyna Marczuk, Natalia Mazur,
Maria Molenda, Slawomir Postek, Maciej Walasek, Maciej Wzorek, Laura
Zaki, and Roza Zabojszcz.

Gesher Galicia is also most grateful to JewishGen, who provided a
generous grant, enabling the full 2018 Gesher Galicia Holocaust
project to be carried out.

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