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Gesher Galicia SIG

As the new editor of Gesher Galicia's quarterly research journal, the
"Galitzianer," I am delighted to announce the release of the March
2019 issue of the journal.

This issue covers a wide range of towns, topics and time periods--as
well as answers to some interesting questions, like why did the
funeral procession for a renowned physician and academic include
many of Krakow's "ladies of the night"? Why was a surgeon who
served honorably for decades in the Austro-Hungarian army denied
the bulk of his pension? How did the development of the railway
system make it possible for Galician Jews to emigrate--and also
difficult for them not to? In addition to answering these and other
questions, this issue also contains important information for research
on eastern Galician records >from the Ukrainian archives, a discussion
of tombstone inscriptions >from the Jewish cemetery in Kalush, a
family history of a distinguished line of academics and physicians,
two different perspectives on Galician emigration, and a synopsis of
detailed diary entries >from behind the front lines during World War I.

The articles comprising the March issue are:
- "Research Corner: Vital Records of Eastern Galicia" by Tony Kahane
- "A Journey through Generations: The Rosner Family Story" by Anna
M. Rosner, PhD
- ">from Krakow to Manchester: Jewish Migration in the
Mid-Nineteenth Century" by Geoffrey M. Weisgard
- "An Immigration Chain: >from Rohatyn to the US" by Alexander Feller
- "House of Eternity: The Jewish Cemetery in Kalush" by Deborah Schultz
- "Map Corner: Discovering Old Jewish Cemeteries in Galicia" by Jay Osborn
- "The War and Beyond: Bernhard Bardach's Diaries" by Peter C.
Appelbaum and Helmut Konrad

The "Galitzianer" is a membership benefit of Gesher Galicia, though
anyone is invited to submit articles on Galicia-related themes. For
more details on our submissions policy, please visit For
membership information, see

Jodi G. Benjamin
Editor, The Galitzianer
Gesher Galicia

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