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Joseph Walder <jswalder@...>

I am writing to ask for suggestions for archival research about my
GRABER / GRAEBER ancestors of Sanok, Galicia (now southeast Poland).
Some background follows. Sources are family oral history, JewishGen,
JRI-Poland, and family trees on

My paternal grandmother, born Feiga GRAEBER in Sanok in about 1904,
was the youngest of ten children, most of whom emigrated to the
United States. Her parents were Beile LICHTBACH (b. 1862 in Przemysl,
d. 1925 in New York) and Meyer GRAEBER (b. about 1828 in Sanok, d.
about 1915 in Sanok). The 34-year age difference between Beile and
Meyer is correct and leads to a messy situation on genealogical charts.

I believe Meyer had a brother Jakob Pincus GRAEBER (1824-1907)
married to Jutte BIEGELEISEN (1819-1889). Jakob and Jutte had a son
Abraham (b. 1854 Sanok, d. 1930 New York) who was the point of
contact for the first two of my grandmother's brothers to emigrate to
the US, according to passenger manifests. It seems likely that Meyer
had other siblings, too. One of them may have been Leib GRAEBER
(1838-1918), who married Czarna FRIBERGER (1840-1915). I also
believe on grounds of a certain DNA match that Meyer had a brother
whose son Ber (or Bernhard) GRAEBER moved to Vienna.

I believe the father of Meyer and Jakob Pincus was Hersz GRAEBER,
born in about 1800 in Sanok and married to Beile. Hersz may have had a
brother Majer GRAEBER, married to Frimit; their son Israel Leib
GRAEBER (1830-1911) was married to Chaje HOLZ (1823-1905). Israel
Leib and Chaje had a son Eisig GRAEBER (b. about 1856 Sanok?, d. 1926
Jaroslaw). Eisig married Mirl LICHTBACH, an older sister of my
great-grandmother Beile LICHTBACH, mentioned above. Eisig GRAEBER
was a figure in the Haskalah movement as a translator and editor.

The 1900 Sanok census lists several GRAEBER families, but it is unclear
how they relate to each other and to my own direct lineage.

Finally, there are mentions of various Sanok GRAEBERs in family trees
on Ancestry and MyHeritage.

I am keenly interested in suggestions for archival research that can be
undertaken in the United States. I am perfectly happy to dive into
records written in languages other than English, but please do not
recommend that I make a trip to Poland to do archival research there.
For various reasons, that simply is not possible.

Joseph Walder
Portland, Oregon, USA

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